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Commemoration of Caden Michael White 2003-2009

Today Caden, I am thinking of you and missing you.  You know how much I love you.
Here is a poem I wrote about you.
Love you buddy,

Mr. C - His Kindergarten Picture

one of joy

why did you go?
i know you were strong and brave
our missing you is beyond pain and yet
you are so full of joy
more than you even left with us
which is hard to fathom
excruciating to believe
faith is unseen but true
in weakness there is strength
most don’t understand what you gave
like the ONE
your life LIVED not in vain,
but in such love, gifted gain
welcomed pleasure
building life, home and eternity
with lions, a melting smile and more talent than
can be imagined.

Darin M. White 1/22/09
To Caden Michael White (2003-2009) – I love you and I miss you!

Here is some artwork I have been working on surrounding Mr. C’s sickness with cancer
and his death.


Caden White Silicone Wrist Bands and other items for Christmas and support

My son Cadenrelapsed with Neuroblastoma cancer on November 7th, 2008,  and to help spread the word, support him and to let people know to be praying for him, I had some silicone wrist bands made that are made the same way as the Lance Armstrong blacelets.  All proceeds will go to his fund “The Caden White Irrevocable Trust”.  Purchase them here.  Also, I am offering “Tiny Mantel Clocks by Darin” for sale with the proceeds after cost going to his fund.  I will customize them as needed, with the price varying independent to what is required.  I have solid walnut wood, poplar wood and frosted acrylic with varying face styles.  Please contact me to discuss these further.  I will try and set up a PayPal setup for this as well.

Caden White Silicone Wrist Band

Caden White Silicone Wrist Band

Color Choices for Caden White Silicone Wrist Bands

Color Choices for Caden White Silicone Wrist Bands

Also, I have posted this before, but as it is Christmas time and this also supports my son please check out
Swede at Heart for Caden’s Sterling Silver Hope Necklace.  She gives a very large portion to support Caden. 
Thank you Ann!

Caden's Hope Sterling Necklace


Destination Postcard Show Opening on 11/16/07 from 5-8pm

b.a.l.m, the arts group that Shannon and I facilitate is having an art show called “Destination Postcards” in the Holiday Art Show at the Art Affair Gallery in Baldwin, KS.  The show opening reception is Friday November 16, 2007 from 5-8 pm.  B.a.l.m’s part in the show is from a gathering we had at the end of March, 2007.  I am sure there will be some type of o’rderves and drink. This is your invitation, use it wisely.  I produced two photocopy transfers on copper.  One which is called: 

“Destination: Healing”  with three cropped images of my son Caden’s head in varying positions dealing with issues surrounding his fight with neuroblastoma cancer.

Caden In Three 

The other transfer print is also on copper and is called:“Destination: Life” which there are miniature images of self portrait drawings that I have produced over the years.

“Destination: Life”

 I look forward to seeing anyone who can attend. Darin

Darin White

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