Commemoration of Caden Michael White 2003-2009

Today Caden, I am thinking of you and missing you.  You know how much I love you.
Here is a poem I wrote about you.
Love you buddy,

Mr. C - His Kindergarten Picture

one of joy

why did you go?
i know you were strong and brave
our missing you is beyond pain and yet
you are so full of joy
more than you even left with us
which is hard to fathom
excruciating to believe
faith is unseen but true
in weakness there is strength
most don’t understand what you gave
like the ONE
your life LIVED not in vain,
but in such love, gifted gain
welcomed pleasure
building life, home and eternity
with lions, a melting smile and more talent than
can be imagined.

Darin M. White 1/22/09
To Caden Michael White (2003-2009) – I love you and I miss you!

Here is some artwork I have been working on surrounding Mr. C’s sickness with cancer
and his death.


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